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Current position of periodical regarding pressure equipment in croatia (summer 2016)

Current position of periodical regarding pressure equipment in croatia (summer 2016)

Proposal for the new Regulations in Brussels, "Standby mode’’

News in the proposed Regulations:

  • Putting periodic inspections of pressure equipment on the market represents harmonization with the European approach. This area is left for the national technical legislation to implement taking into account the guidelines of the New Approach
  • All member states have accepted the new approach and the periodic inspection and testing of pressure equipment transferred from the state authorities on the inspection bodies and the user/owner.

The advantages of this (NEW) approach (New Approach EK):

  • The inspections and tests of pressure equipment are carried out by high professionals with the high quality equipment
  • Reductions in the budget for the equipment under pressure control
  • On time and professionally carried out inspections and tests with expert advice for the user/owner
  • The establishment of competitiveness in the performing area of periodic inspections
  • Abolition of potential barriers for the flow of goods and services
  • Establishing and ensuring accountability for the performed inspections and tests
  • Periodic inspection and supervision of the implementation are clearly separated
  • For the safe operation of pressure equipment the user/owner is responsible, what is a common practice in the EU

The most important points defined by Regulations proposal:

  • All the activities are on the users/owners side with the goal to ensure safe operation of pressure equipment, its better economic use, emission reduction and the losses due to leakage.
  • Any influence that would reduce the credibility of the security technical assessment necessary for the safe operation of the equipment is dismissed.

Elements for the selection of the authorized accredited inspection body

During the decision about the choice of the Inspection Body the user/owner should be governed by the following;

  • Does the inspection body that they want to hire owns enough experience for the pressure equipment, expertise, equipment for the implementation of the inspections and tests and is it providing safety-assessment;
  • Is the choice of an inspection body a real guarantee for security, lower costs of inspection and testing, as fewer production stoppages or seeking additional guarantees, based on the top experts or the insurance policy to cover possible damage.
  • Is the body qualified and has it a certificate for visual inspection, which is the basis for the periodic inspection and other NDT methods, or is it based on experience and without training can properly assess the damage.
  • Does the body have enough personnel to efficiently perform the inspections and tests in case of emergencies.
  • Is the body well-organized so that the inspections and tests would not last unnecessarily long and would the body, due to the higher technological level, with its knowledge help increase safety and reduce delays
  • does the body services include other activities of benefit for the user/owner.
  • Are the prices of services fair and do they cover the highly educated professionals who perform inspections and tests as well as the related costs, or are they low "dumping" prices backed by a small investment that threatens the quality of inspection and safety of the equipment.
  • Does the body have a list of references that point to its competence and which can be show before the contract.
  • It should be known that the work with pressure equipment is risky, especially among the old equipment that is in Croatia widely used. Therefore, the user/owner should think well when selecting the inspection body.

Procedures for periodic inspections:

The inspection body must have detailed procedures for all activities carried out within the framework of periodic inspections.

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