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Quality policy

Quality policy

Carrying out activities from its core business - quality and quantity control of the goods - Croatiainspect determines the compliance of products / services with the user's requirements by implementing sampling, measurement, control, inspection, testing.

In order to meet the expressed requirements of the users and further develop the role of CROATIAINSPECT as as a traditionally reliable control organization, the management board is determined to include quality in all areas of its activities therefore quality policy is based on the following principles:

  • The main objective is the realization of all contractual requirements, meeting the expected requirements of service users
  • To provide a complete service based on the principles of business excellence and top quality
  • Implement effective means of communication with customers in order to meet their demands and increase their satisfaction
  • With the continuous compliance with the requirements of the quality system work to improve its efficiency in order to improve the quality of services
  • Continuous training of employees in order to increase the quality of work

Employees responsible for supervision are independent and impartial in carrying out the controls and are freed from any commercial, financial and other pressures of persons or organizations within or outside CROATIAINSPECT that could affect their decisions.

Croatiainspect and the staff are not carrying out activities incompatible with their independent opinion and integrity in relation to the control activities. Especially, Croatiainspect is not in any way involved in the concept, production, supply, installation, use or maintenance of items that they supervise or in any kind of similar competitive items.

All interested parties have access to the services of Croatiainspect and there are no financial or other reasons that would prevent this.

Croatiainspect within their means will carry out continuous training and education of its employees to ensure continuous improvement of the quality system, and therefore the quality of the service.

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