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Main activities

Main activities

From its headquarters in Zagreb (the administrative, financial and business center of Croatia), there are carried out business projects and activities of all sectors. In one place, users can get all the relevant information on the extent and manner of performing quality and quantity control, by testing, measuring, sampling, monitoring and tracking the loading/unloading of a wide range of goods. A skilled and experienced team of professionals for quality will respond to the customers requests keeping in mind their maximum protection against the risk of procurement.

The organizational structure of the company is adjustable due to the project requirements and the specific needs of service users. Thoroughness, expertise, and intersectoral teams guarantee successful execution of the most complex projects.

Within the company there are two sectors that carry out the inspection services of quality control;

The control department of oil and oil products carries out an inspection in the quality and quantity control area:

  • crude oil, liquid petroleum fuel and biodiesel fuel
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas

The Technical sector covers an area of inspection for the control of products in the following activities:

  • oil and petrochemical industry
  • mechanical engineering and metallurgy

The inspectors of Croatiainspect, in accordance with contractual provisions, in their work apply Croatian, European and internationally recognized standards, which include: HRN, ISO, API, ASTM, EN, DIN, BS, IP and others.

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