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Management sector

Management sector

The management department is directly responsible to the Presidents of administration or management of the company and:

  • obtains the contracts in agreement with the administration,
  • prepares tender documents and produces tenders and contracts,
  • ensures the smooth order management / contract-defined services and takes care of the correct and timely invoicing, payment of accounts receivables,
  • proposes and takes measures for the development and improvement of control and trade activities in the subject of trading in agreement with the administration,
  • maintain business and professional contacts with the organizations and institutions at home and abroad,
  • prepares the financial statements of the company and cares for their timely preparation and submission to the competent authorities.

Within the sector in the work are involved:

  • Head of Investment Development
  • Head of Finance Department
  • Head of Legal Affairs
  • Sales manager for oil
  • Sales manager for technology

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