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Sector of oil and oil products

Sector of oil and oil products

The sector "Supervisor of oil and oil products”, as an independent accredited inspection body, with the use of accredited inspection methods in the control of movements of excisable products and oil, has a role to impartially and accurately control the quantity and quality of goods, establishing all the necessary parameters that affect the calculation of quantities of controlled types of goods.

Legal measuring measures cannot be applied in all cases of control and movement of the oil and excise products, since they measure the mass or volume of the product, regardless of their characteristics and quality (density, water content and sediment ...).

Automatic measurement systems with fluid level, which are used on the containers, are computer systems that are used to determine the total gross volume of the tank without the influence of external factors on the actual amount (the temperature of the goods and the environment, the density measured goods and displacement of the floating roof and in a pressurized container and saturation of the gas phase). They may serve only as indicators of the amount of the liquid column in the tank and the temperature of the goods.

The exact calculation of the amount of oil and petroleum-derived liquid fuel can be performed only if we take into account all the facts relevant to the determination of the quantity of goods, always taking into consideration the determination of the quality of products, as well as the following parameters:

  • the total measured volume is read from the table on the basis of capacity of the container
  • measured columns of the height of goods or the amount of empty space,
  • temperature of goods in the container,
  • volume of separated (free) water (if any),
  • mass of the floating roof,
  • content of bounded water and sediments,
  • the density of the goods in the container or means of transport
  • difference in relation to the initial and final weighing on special scales, along with the necessary inspection of goods in tanks in order to determine the quality and type of goods.

The only reliable and accurate way to measure the energy is certainly the supervision and inspection of independent inspection bodies accredited according to the HRN EN 17020th

Through appropriate methods of measurement and calculation of quantities, accredited by the Croatian Accreditation Agency, the monitoring of the movement of oil and excise products is fully controlled process.

The norms and standards for the measurement and calculation of quantities that we apply in accordance with the acquired accreditations make us an independent, impartial and responsible inspection body.

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