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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility:

  • Towards the employees
  • Towards the partners
  • Donations and sponsorships

Towards the employees

The satisfaction of employees is extremely important to our business. By encouraging personal and professional development and education we want to empower each employee. Society is concerned for the health of its employees by organizing regular systematic and statutory review and ensures safe working conditions.

Towards the partners

We are building the relationships with our business partners through the acquisition of mutual trust. Performing quality control, compliance with all contractual obligations, and satisfaction of partners at the end of the work is our goal.

Donations and sponsorships

With sponsorship and donation activities we strive to provide assistance to children and young people, as well as people with special needs.

We donated to charity Dora, whose residents are children without one or both parents, abused and neglected children, which are extremely hard-working and gifted.

We also donated to the Rehabilitation Centre Stančić, which helps its citizens with intellectual disabilities to develop personal potential to become equal and respected members of the community.

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